The Company
Since March 1993, Formpak Industries Sdn Bhd is manufacturing Services and Custom Plastic Products for Industry Vacuum Forming and Thermoforming our specialty. In today's ultra compaetitive Markets, a Company must maintain a degree of flexibility and be able to adapt to the clients ever changing needs. Fomrpak Ind. meets those needs.

Customize products base on specifications and needs
We have a wide range of capabilities in the manufacture of vacuum-formed products. We are strong in terms of technical know-how, production capacity and financial backup. Our moulding team specializes on taking on challenging products that demand creative design and manufacturing solutions.

We specialize in PVC, PVC Antistatic, PS, PP, PET-A, PET-C, PET-G, Black Conductive, HIPS and other Vacuum Forming manufacturing in natural or special colours and special design formed to your specifications. Our material suppliers are from local, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Japan.

"We believe in Quality and Customer Satisfaction is the top priority throughout phase ofour business"